Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Social Media Round-up on 7/19

Every Friday, I highlight the high jinx taking place on social media in Keeping it 140, courtesy of yours truly.

But this was a sad and tough week for us all, so I thought it would be better to point out some positive, and even funny, things happening across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. instead.  Translation:  I’m going to give y’all a break from goofs like this self-proclaimed tax fraud queen who taunted the feds from Facebook.

Here we go!

1.  Book Buster

Let’s extend a virtual, collective fist bump to Twitter virtuoso @moreandagain (aka Genie Lauren) who initiated a highly effective, and much deserved coup against a literary agent who had the temerity to offer a book deal to the  clueless, and fame hungry, juror B37 from the George Zimmerman fail trial.  Lauren’s research in digging up said  agent, letting her know how odious the resulting work would be, and rallying all of so-called “Black Twitter” led to the death of the deal.   I think @moreandagain  just unlocked a new level of online awesome.

2. Bullet Point

Another ‘atta boy goes out to another Twitter hero, @michaelatbu.  He received shine on the Your Black World site for identifying a racist tweeter who used the 140-character platform to say: “I want to thank god…for that bullet that killed trayvon martin.” Hold up.  Did she really thank God for the death of an unarmed teenager?  And, more importantly, did she do it on Twitter where anyone and everyone could see it?  I’m going to pause here and give you a chance to get your pressure back down.  Okay.  Can I continue?  Well, not only did the Twitterverse make her coffeehouse employer aware of @Sarahtw33ts and her ill wishes against a slain child, it helped her up out of a job. S/O to Miss Jia for publishing that fact and stepping to her after she whined about it online.  

Cannot stand Donald Trump, but this is most appropriate.


3.  Tumble for Ya

JET conducted an exclusive interview with the founder of the site wearenottrayvonmartin  because it’s essentially a forum to discuss white privilege openly and try to put a stop to it in the wake of what happened with Trayvon.  It also assails the continuous, and false, belief the case had nothing to do with racial profiling.  You heard me, Reverend Jesse Lee Petersen and FOX news?  Kudos to everyone participating and I hope the discussion continues and results in turning #anger2action.


4.  Buzzfeed + Black Twitter

Gawd knows I love Buzzfeed.  In fact, I’ve co-curated a list before ’bout my favorite show, “Game of Thrones.”  But I was amused and delighted when “Black Twitter” via  @frazierapproves picked up on the viral site’s armada of African American writers (and topics, including the aforementioned attack on juror B37) and suggested some of their own with the #blackbuzzfeed tag, including this truly hilarious one from Kid Fury (below).  Bonus: JET’s Beauty of the Week got a shout out in the resulting Buzzfeed aggregation of the best #BlackBuzzfeed tweets.  Check out #25 on the list.