Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Keeping it 140: Darnell Dockett’s Racial Joke

Credit: Thinkstock

Well, according to our calendar, we’re in the midst of the holidays from Kwaanza to Christmas.

But it also seems like it’s Annual Bigoted Twitter Knock Knock Joke week.

As Bossip reports, NFL player Darnell Dockett took to the micro-blogging site to insult Chinese people, 140 characters at a time.



This on the heels of an understandably maligned tweet from Steve Martin, who seemed to be living out his one-time titular role as The Jerk with an old-school jab at Italian dishes and African American restaurants just days ago. Click HERE for a refresher.

Might this Keeping it 140 offer up this advice? If the ghost of an old Andrew Dice Clay joke creeps up to you and hisses at you to write something racially offensive on Twitter, ignore his dusty behind and instead spend the next 30 minutes on YouTube watching footage of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. speeches.

Thanks, Management.