Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

“Gone with the Wind” Dance? Stop It..

So much for “I believe the children are the future.”

Somebody tell me why these young horse’s arses at Cambridge University thought it was a good idea to hold, attend, or even think about a “Gone with the Wind” themed dance?

And why did it take online shaming to stop this madness from coming to fruition?  What is it with folks and this “glamorous” period in U.S. history?  I feel like wrapping everybody involved up in a Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain dress  and rolling them down a bank into the Mississippi River.

Click HERE to read the whole story about a shindig that sounds like it would feature Paula Deen as a celebrity chaperone.  Kudos to Black students who weren’t having any of this.  At all.

Yes, the event has since been re-themed to “journey through the seasons” but the fact remains.  To paraphrase Tamar Braxton: #theytriedit.

I am especially disheartened reading this story just days after #whitepower was celebrated, via Twitter mind you,  at a U.S. high school.