Keeping It 140 w/Kyra

Aftersex Selfies? Really?

Credit: Thinkstock

Man, listen.

I’d all but given up trying to fight foolery with Keeping it 140 because truthfully, it seems like folks are bound and determined to act like fools on social media.

From posting every bit of your business on Facebook to sticking a new close-up of your mug up every five seconds on Instagram, the norm is acting like a narcissist.

I had to react with a virtual #kanyeshrug.

But this article here brought me out of retirement, at least temporarily.

Please don’t tell me that aftersex selfies are really a thing.  Yes, you read that right.  People are doing self-portraits immediately after doing the do….all wrapped up in the sheets, smoking cigarettes and/or spooning.  More on that HERE, courtesy of Daily Mail.  I can only think of three reasons you would do this:

(1) You and your bedmate are ridiculously vain.

(2) You feel the need to prove to folks you are having sex.

(3) You are extremely bored after the act.

Answer Key: None of the above are good reasons.

Please, if you listen to nothing else I say, please do not partake in this so-called trend.  Not only will you look like a fool, you might actually disgust every friend or follower you’ve ever earned.  We believe you are making the bedsprings creak….don’t put up a post to remove any shadow of a doubt.  You’ll also remove any doubt you are none too bright.