Kill a Pregnancy— or Relationship?

I don’t understand why couples agree to do reality television. If you place any value in your relationship, the mere chance of having the cameras mess up your groove should be a definite deterrent. But for many it isn’t… and it backfires. Rasheeda from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is a prime example.

During the first season of the show, we met Rasheeda, a rapper, and her husband/manager, Kirk Frost, who seemed like the best couple ever. They even renewed their vows… but that was last year.

This year, the couple, that has been together for two decades has reached and impasse because Kirk doesn’t want another child. And of course, Rasheeda is pregnant. In true selfish man fashion, Kirk— the man who cried last year because he didn’t want his wife to go with a bigger manager who might take her career to another level and begged her to put him and family first— told her to kill their unborn child. Why? It wasn’t good timing for him. Damn.

Who would have thought that a seemingly happily married woman would be faced with the dilemma of having an abortion or ending her relationship. The situation has received mixed reviews. Many believe that Kirk is blatantly wrong for asking his wife to kill their baby, and acting a fool because she hasn’t. But others believe that adding a new addition to the family is team choice. If the both parties don’t agree then you don’t do it, and she is suffering the consequences for her selfishness.

Personally, I think it’s sad to see that choosing the “team” often seems to result in doing what the man wants or facing his consequences (read: he bounces). Last year, I watch Kirk get tear-eyed because he didn’t want to Rasheeda to choose a manager who potentially had longer pockets. She didn’t. And her career suffered. Now, she is supposed to abort a baby conceived in marriage— and lets not forget she only birthed one his many children and is in her mid-thirties. It’s really pathetic.

Only Rasheeda can determine whether she made the best choice for herself. But I am happy she “did her” because it seems that Kirk had no problem “doing him”.