Keeping It Real Gone Right

Finally, there was something I can really be proud of— and not just gossip about — on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.
I was really impressed that the latest episode of the show addressed Lil Scrappy’s issues with marijuana and the role his mother plays in enabling negative behaviors. The therapist in me jumped up during this segment. What a teachable moment.
Sadly, many people often shrug off the negative impact smoking weed has on behaviors, and more important, how it is often used as a coping mechanism to numb oneself against pain. I commend Scrappy for his honesty— though I don’t think he really grasped the gravity of his confession. The rapper shared that he smokes when he’s stressed, and that sometimes he’s so frazzled that he can’t get himself together without smoking. Another shocker? His mom will get him weed if they think he really needs it.

The therapist on duty— who happened to be a Black male— offered some much needed insight. He stated that Scrappy, who was on probation and receiving drug testing regularly, was essentially choosing marijuana over his most prized possession: his daughter Emani. Every time he smoked weed he knew it could potentially end up back in jail, making it more likely that his daughter would end up on a stripper pole than in college. Wow. 

It’s no secret that children with two active, supportive parents are more likely to successful. What isn’t talked about is the small choices that prevent kids from having those positive role models. The lesson here is simple: If you don’t deal with your issues, your kids will.

Hopefully, Scrappy can make a good choice.