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Keeping it 140: Stacey Dash, Rihanna, Chik-fil-A President, Lo Lo Jones and More

Welcome to this week’s edition of Keeping it 140. I’m your host, Kyra Kyles. As usual, I’ve been playing “I Spy” to find those in violation of social media rules. And I had no shortage of discoveries, some from usual suspects.

Dashed Hopes

When will Stacey Dash ever learn?  It’s totally understandable that the known Republican and actress wants to exercise her freedom of speech, but does her speech always have to be so goofy?  She was one of the few celebs who raised a voice to defend the rather indefensible Paula Deen with this gem of a social media message (below). I guess she thinks Paula would let her be in the house during the maligned chef’s fantasy plantation parties. Lawd help us all. Moving on…


Chicken Hawk

In other, “I wish he’d learn to stifle” news…we have the Chik fil A president  Dan Cathy at it again with his views on traditional marriage. News of the Supreme Court’s DOMA ruling this week obviously forced this fast food fool straight to the Interwebs to voice his distaste. I do wish he had more people because even though he deleted it, this Tweet (below) calling it a “sad day” is going to make it a sadder day for his otherwise popular franchise. Hey fam, times are changing and even the Republicans are backing off this fight.  In the words of Weezy and Lloyd, get with it or get lost. 130627092238-chick-fil-a-tweet-620xa


Serious Twitti-tude

Rihanna is NOT the one to play with on social media.  You may think she is too busy recording music, smoking green, posing for sexy pics, and bopping out-of-pocket fans in the head with microphones to notice your online barbs, but newsflash: She is not here for that.  Check out her nazzzty Twitter response to someone who called her a slut on the Web this week.  If you want to know what “smegma” is, I’ll help you out with a link to the dictionary.  Ain’t no way I’m spelling that out here.


Lolo, No No

Y’all gone get enough of mocking Rachel Jeantel across the blogosphere.  First of all, she is a witness in a murder trial, with the victim being one of her best friends, Trayvon Martin.  And she is a teen at that!  I realize the everyday Twitter comedians won’t stop, but the celebs are being held to a higher standard.  Therefore, Madame  Jones…curb yourself for the following mean-spirited missive.

Yessir, the Internet retribution you received is much-deserved…

 Insta Damn (Added at 5:31 p.m. on 6/28)

As if the Lolo item wasn’t bad enough, look what the dingbat daughters of a Zimmerman defense attorney posted on Instagram.  Yeah, nothing wrong with Don West and family eating Soft serv ice cream, that is, unless you caption it with this:

We beat stupidity celebration cones #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit

So that’s my list of what went wrong in social media this week. Did I forget anything? Let me know…