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Keeping it 140: Scandal Petitioners, Jamie Foxx Haters, Epicurious & Senator Mitch McConnell

1.  Foxx Hunting

It’s difficult to civilly describe the disgust I feel toward the cretins who came for Jamie Foxx during the MTV Movie Awards.  Foxx opted to wear a T-shirt bearing the image of Trayvon Martin as well as the victims of the Newtown massacre.  You would have thought he had the visage of Hitler on his chest as he got called every manner of n-bomb and netted remarks, including folks are “tired” of the Trayvon Martin case and that Foxx wouldn’t have worn the shirt if Martin was White. 

Well, I’m sure Martin’s parents– who lost their son– are tired as well, but for different reasons.  They’re tired because their son should have been watching the awards too, rather than being memorialized on someone else’s clothing.  And seriously, insane troll posse, if showering someone with racial epithets or deriding dead children  is your solution to this clearly controversial issue, you need to log out of life.   **fuming mad, walks away**

2.  Cooking Up Controversy

When will brands learn?  First, we had the Gap tweeting about online shopping options during the devastating Hurricane Sandy.  Now, Epicurious deserves a mouth shot for sending out a clear product placement in reference to the horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon. According to CBS, the company sent out condolences and then a little later, followed with this gem.

Whomever hit “tweet” on that bad boy needs to get fired and sentenced to a lifetime of eating dry scones without anything to wash it down with.  And that’s just for starters.

3.  Nut Cake

But not to be outdone, a moment of silence for the clearly long dead common sense of “Cake Boss” star who clearly knows more about who detonated the bombs in Boston than even the FBI itself, according to the LA Times.  Deciding it was the work of “foreign born animals,” Cousin Anthony (Anthony Bellifemine) lamented: “We even pay for them to go to school hows that!,” via @cousinanthony.  Here’s to this big boy keeping his mouth shut for the foreseeable future.  Didn’t anyone have some dough that required kneading somewhere?

4. Gun Control? How About Self Control?

I won’t tip my hand as to how I feel about the Senate’s failure to expand background checks on gun sales, but no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you know this here is just low class.  According to MSNBC, Senator Mitch McConnell’s peeps applauded the following meme posted to his Facebook page within moments of the Senate rejecting the Toomey-Manchin bill.  The goal to throw shade at Democratic peer, Sen. Harry Reid, who has vowed to bring the matter to the floor again.

Sen. Mitch McConnell's response to the gun control vote posted to this Facebook page.

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