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Keeping it 140: Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Robert Zimmerman, Kelly Price

This week we had some straight foolywag behavior on social media, per usual, but also one heart wrenching development on Facebook.  Check this week’s Keeping it 140 round-up out and let me know if I missed anything or anyone.

(1) What’ Tweef? Answer: Mike Epps vs Kevin Hart

It’s hard to know why super funnyman Mike Epps came for Kevin Hart on Twitter, though the diminutive comedian seems to be at the center of some serious strife these days.  But at any rate, this battle only served to embarrass them both.  Epps, though he served it up comparing Hart’s face to that of a “drunk pug,” otherwise sounded like a homophobe calling his smaller peer “gay” repeatedly. And Hart claiming he was about to destroy Epps, never delivered on that threat, instead unleashing knock knock jokes best left for the schoolyard.  Yep, both men sounded crazy.  Glad they made up before more ig’nance arose. Check that link from the Laughing Barrel and see how silly it got.

(2) Twigot: Robert Zimmerman

If the last name sounds familiar, it should be.  Yes, Robert is the brother of George, the self-appointed night watchman who took teen Trayvon Martin’s life last year in an ongoing, highly racialized case.  Leave it to this jerk to make matters even muddier with tweets about a recent tragedy in which an infant was shot in the head, and the suspects in the case are two young Black teens.  Choice quote:

@TheRealPest@michaelskolnik – Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky.”


(3) the Price Ain’t Right

Some low level shade on Twitter backfired on Kelly Price when Mariah Carey stans caught wind and went ham.   Mediatakeout offered a play by play that started with this comment from Price:

I’m yrs late on this one but I’m looking at a concert on tv right now of a certain singer and asking myself what happened to ur voice?

The jokes, at Price’s expense, came a rolling in with comments ranging from she looked like a bedazzled couch to the nickname Belly Price.  Lawd.  Here’s guessing she’ll retire from the veiled jabs business.  Streets is watching.

(4) Throw the ‘Book At Him

This is not funny.  It’s actually horrible.  A 15-year-old, suspected of murdering a former friend reportedly sent him a Facebook message apologizing.  The worst part: the mother of the dead teen having to read this confession.  I hate to see any young man go to jail, but if this confession is legit, he needs to go.

(5) Toilet Humor

So, WBC lightweight champ Adrien Broner is a stone cold dummy.  I’m not even bothering to mince words.  There is no other way to explain why he flushed a number of $20 bills down the toilet in an apparent show of wealth.  My thought is he should follow the money right down to its watery resting place after reading these words:

…I don’t carry other bills. If it ain’t Benjamin or Franklin or Benjamin Franklin…I ain’t carrying that,” Broner said. “Let me show you what I do to these little [expletives] right here. I don’t keep these bills.