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Keeping it 140: K Michelle, Justin Bieber and N-Bomb Dropping Twitter Clown

Check your watch.  (No, not because you forgot to adjust for daylight savings.)

It’s time for Keeping it 140, the weekly roundup of social media faux pas, courtesy of the artist also known as the Kyles Files.  Check the list and learn a lil’ something about how NOT to use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any of your other online sharing spots.

Go!  First up, is a teen star with an increasingly bad attitude:

Insta Damn

Um.  Is Justin Bieber okay?  I realize the paparazzi must be mad annoying and he is mourning the death of his hamster, but son needs to stay off Instagram with the “started from the bottom” manifestos.  He’s about to lose every teeny bopper fan he has accumulated.  He deleted the rather arrogant post that big upped his moneymaking skills and talent, but he might have forgotten ’bout a little tool called screen capture.  And now, it seems that Lindsay Lohan — who was roasted in his aforementioned treatise on his greatness and hatred of the media– might sue his arse for suggesting she is broke.  It’s okay, Big Just.  Move around, bruh.

Hate and Hip Hop Atlanta

You don’t want it with K. Michelle on Twitter.  You really don’t.  As reports, the reality show star and singer went honeybaked ham on her co-stars Kirk Frost and Rasheeda after the former implied that Lady K has the hots for his wife.  I don’t think he quite expected a response that pretty much aired out every bit of dirty laundry in his hamper, plus some, and even indicated he had some kind of secret child being hidden off screen.  Methinks Mr. Frost better back down and bow out or make K. Michelle’s threat to make this “a new storyline” very real.

N-word, Unchained

For all you fools who watched “Django, Unchained” win an Oscar and felt some kinda way that the word was now out there for your consumption, sit on down.  Lisa Lampanelli made a huge error referring to “Girls” creator Lena Dunham as her “nigga” in a recent Tweet.  And now, some random non-Black child named Pater Stubbs (aka @Mclovinstublet)) referred to Heisman winner Johnny Manziel with the same racial epithet after taking a pic with the football standout.  (Moment of awkward silence.)  I realize that co-opting this so-called “cool” phrase from rappers and Samuel L. Jackson dialogue has been on the rise for a while, but I’m going to have to warn you about using it, particularly on social media.  You might get chin checked and head butted before it’s over with.  Is it really worth it for your 10-seconds of re-tweet fame?  And as bossip reveals, this youngun’ ain’t a first-time offender.

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