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Keeping it 140: Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, Don Lemon, Lance Armstrong and More

I’m so glad the 2012 Election is over.

Of course, it brought out the fool in a lot of folks, as captured last Friday in this very space.  One in particular, (Mr. Donald “Combover ’till It Can’t Move” Trump now has a petition against his dead ignorant behind for inciting revolution on Twitter, and other transgressions.  It essentially asks Macy’s to stop featuring him in their ads.  And yes, by the way, I signed it.

But in general, it’s back to the regular grind of catching social media stooges in the act. If only some of these celebs and public peeps would take a day off from looking crazy, but then…how would I make a living?

Here we go, yo.

Assisted Suicide?

I must say I’m not surprised that Joseline Hernandez is clowning herself on Twitter by waging war on her previously beloved “Steebie Jay.”  But the extent to which mademoiselle has gone…telling him to kill himself, accusing him of being bisexual (not that it matters to me), and a druggie?  All in one rant?  It begs the question, what did he do right before she logged onto, and lost it completely, on the popular media site?  Having seen a mere 1.5 episodes of the woefully ignorant “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” I do have a vague idea of his types of transgressions.  My guess is the humanoid answer to Splinter better mend fences before even more of his bid’ness comes out 140 characters at a time.  (Hint: Only click on her Twitter handle above if you are 18 and older, plus mature enough not to emulate the activity.  The language is salty, to put it mildly.)

This is how I imagine Steebie J looked when he read those Tweets.

Lemon Aid

I like CNN’s Don Lemon.  I like comedy star Jonah Hill.  So I’m a bit upset that they are making me choose between them in a nonsensical random Twitter feud for the record books.  From what I could glean from this mess, involving deleted Tweets, the two got into a war of words because Don felt that Jonah treated him like “the help” during a random encounter at a hotel.  Jonah contends he was in a hurry during their brief brush and accused his detractor of acting like a tween girl.  (Ouch.)  Since it’s clear Don didn’t even recognize Johan (by name) and Johan didn’t recognize Don (as a celeb), I say both men should stay away from each other get a Tweet restraining order, and call it one.  Let’s never speak of this again.

Um…what the hell kinda fight was this?

Jersey Shore

Were you worried about Lance Armstrong after the cycling superstar was banned for life last month by the International Cycling Union and relieved of those seven Tour wins?  Well, dry your eyes, y’all.  In the words of Lil’ Wayne, Armstrong “ain’t got no worries.”  He sure ticked some folks off with this Twit pic lazing around near his iconic yellow jerseys, which we’re guessing he can keep, right?

Lance Armstrong, boy, you need to stop taunting them people…