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Keeping it 140: Glenn Beck, Chad Johnson, Chief Keef & More

Chad-JohnsonAw. Naw.

Someone truly left the social media gate open this week.  I thought it was bad last time around when I busted Justin Bieber, but people cut a damn clown on the Interwebs this time around.  I’ve got a lot to go through so let’s hit the latest edition of Keeping it 140, beginning with:

Beck and Call

Who but Glenn Beck would take to Twitter and proclaim that the actor portraying Satan in the runaway hit series “The Bible” bore a strong resemblance to President Barack Obama.  Upon further inspection, I kinda sorta see it, but still.  Like Beck wasn’t looking for something. Show producer I do think the producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey would have been better off using a doppelganger for Beck, or his partner in blowhard bigotry, Rush Limbaugh as casting inspiration.


Twigot on Board

The son of the New York Fire Department commissioner Salvatore Cassano tweeted himself out of a job with his ridiculous, hateful remarks about minorities.  Among his acts of idiocy Joseph Cassano revealed that he “likes Jews about as much as Hitler” and, in past posts, called African Americans a host of names, including shwoogs and bemoaned having to assist those on Medicare in his job as an EMT, the New York Post explains.  Welp, at least he doesn’t have to worry about saving those shwoogs and poor folk anymore.  He resigned his post after justifiable media pressure and public outcry.  Idiot.

Hanging Chad

Sometimes, I am moved to address a Twidiot directly.  Now is one of those times.  Chad Ochocinco Johnson, you might want to emulate your former partner in crime T.O. and hush ya mouth.  When things ended with you and Evelyn, you seemed to man up and take it as a life lesson.  Don’t undo the good karma with silly, junior-in-high-school-level tweets calling the girl a gold digger and snapping on fellow Tweeters who disagree with you.  We all know you have no more gold to dig.  Props to bossip for catching these TMI twitters every rip.

Hit “Like” for Justice

Bow Wow was recently hit with a verdict of $80,000 for allegedly using imagery of a French adult film star in a video.  Trouble is, it wasn’t his video, according to B-Wow.  But the even bigger issue is he chose not to go to court to point this out, but instead hit Facebook followers up with a grammar-challenged explanation of his case, as Complex reports.  I know he is working for 106th and Park, but this is one time I would have lawyered up and gone to see the judge.  Don’t be too busy to protect your pockets, man.

Lost in Translation

No sooner does he get his behind out of the slammer, Chief Keef resumes his quest to out-ignorant everyone else in the music industry.  His embarrassing attempt at scoring a date with Nicki Minaj by referring to her man as a “dead dinner” is as tragic as it was laughable.  Nicki works my nerves, but her response had me LOLing.  Looks like no matter how many ‘Raris young Sosa has got, a firmer grasp of the King’s English and some tutelage in courting the ladies might be in order.