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Keeping it 140: Dunkin’ Donuts Ranter, Wale’s Assistant, and Amanda Bynes

So this week everyone is up in arms about the NSA spying on our private messages, phone calls and even chats.  Well, if the NSA has been watching these social media morons in today’s Keeping it 140  round-up, they are too entertained to bother with the rest of us.

1. Going ‘Nuts

Lawd, please help this rabidly racist, heart breakingly broke fool who has the temerity to TURN UP in a Dunkin’ Donuts, no less, in a fight for free food that costs less than $5 any given Sunday.  Only a true, and profound, separation from reality would allow someone to berate a poor, completely undeserving employee of a coffee and snack chain, then upload the ig’nance for all to see.  I mean what did this evil spirit aka Taylor Chapman, per Smoking Gun, think would happen as a result of a rant over an (allegedly) missing receipt?  That she would rally up the neo-Nazis with this racial and elitist tirade? Help.  The only good that came out of this social media madness is that Dunkin Donuts is rewarding the much put-upon worker Abid Abair.

2. Piano Man

I feel comedian Norm McDonald on not wanting to speak ill about the dead, but he might have gone a tad too far with his mini-review of the “Behind the Candleabra,” a Steven Sodebergh film about the late, great Liberace and his (ahem) trysts with young, pretty boys all the while maintaining a public image that he was heterosexual.  McDonald tweeted, and then deleted, remarks including this gem: “I know it as a fact.  Liberace was not gay.”


He also expressed his ire that Liberace was essentially being called a liar.  I saw the film, and while no-one should be “outing” anyone who did not wish for that spotlight, I think McDonald sounds a lil’ silly.  It would be understandable if Liberace wasn’t exactly upfront given the political and cultural climate during his reign on the keys.

3. No New Friends

It appears that Wale’s assistant is a little angrier than her boss about supposed camp-jumping singer Tiara Thomas, who is featured on his bed squeak-laden single “Bad.”  Bossip wrote her up for a profane, homophobic Twitter attack that included this missive.  Uh.  I’m all for loyalty, but I’m guessing homegirl will not get a raise for this performance.

Credit: Bossip

Credit: Bossip

4.  Ugly Truth

Amanda Bynes is clearly going through a thing…  No, make that “things.”  In addition to wearing ratty wigs, getting kicked out of places and being arrested, she also is making a habit of calling folk ugly.  And in many cases, celebs who seem to be appealing in the eyes of the general public.  Her latest victims are Drake and Miley Cyrus.  The tweets speak for themselves.  Of Cash Money’s cash cow, she proclaimed earlier this week: “I only like @Drake because he’s so ugly! His ugly cheeks at the EA conference! Fine he is not, but he knows he’s ugly! I’ve spoken to him!”

Oh My.  Then, Miley Cyrus, currently the crush of all of Maxim caught the fade when Bynes tweeted a photo of the twerk-loving star and noted: “Ur ugly @mileycyrus.”

Kudos to both stars for ignoring her.  They join Lance Bass, Bynes’ own father, RuPaul and countless others in her holy war against ugliness.

Really, Amanda?  Check your selfies before you wreck yourself.

Really, Amanda? Check your selfies before you wreck yourself.

5.  Twigots

I used to think YouTube trolls were the nastiest variety of Web bigots, but Twitter racists are certainly gaining on them.  In fact, I began thinking Twigots might be worse because their identities are typically apparent, whereas the YouBoobs are hiding behind silly avatars.  But the attack on a young “America’s Got Talent” contestant, the son of a veteran no less, who sang the National anthem this week?  I gotta say… 140 characters are clearly room enough for hate and ignorance.  Everyone involved in this idiocy of calling Sebastian de La Cruz an illegal immigrant, Mexican django and worse should be deeply, deeply ashamed.  Had I enough time, I’d follow and cuss out every one of these pieces of trash… but my deadlines ain’t going nowhere.  I’ll have to settle for heaping on the ridicule here.  S/O to Buzzfeed for highlighting and airing out these dirty rotten scoundrels.