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Keeping it 140: Amanda Bynes, Paula Deen and Nick Cannon

Happy Friday!

First, the good news: There wasn’t as much social media silliness this week.  And that’s a good thing after last week, during which we saw R&B star Ne-Yo announce the break-up of his engagement via Instagram.

**Pauses, for dramatic effect**

But there is some foolishness that we do need to address in Keeping it 140.  So soldier on, and learn how not to be a fool, or be made a fool of, on social media.

1.  Presidential Pardon

I feel for Amanda Bynes.  I truly do.  I don’t think you have to be in the medical field to see that something is amiss with the former child and teen star.  But for her to fix her face (or avatar) to call the Obamas ugly because the President wouldn’t fix her arrest?  To quote my aunt, she went too far and stayed too long.  She’d better go back to bullying Drake, Miley Cyrus and others.  My last hope for her is that she’s pulling a Joaquin Phoenix and doing some sort of movie role.

2.  Into the Wild

Poor Nick Cannon.  All he’s trying to do is breathe life back into his one-time hit “Wild N’ Out,” but one lil’ joke about Beyonce lip syncing at the Inauguration and he caught a Twitter dragging to behold. Bossip did a screen by screen slideshow of what appears to be every single member of the Bey hive taking a swipe at not only Cannon, but his innocent (in this case) Mariah.  Folks were calling her pigs and challenging him to answer when the last time Mimi sang live.   I’m guessing it wasn’t a jubilant moment for the Cannon-Carey clan.  Methinks for his next episode, the youthful host will keep Beyzus’s name out of his mouth.

3. Out of Luck

Paula, Paula, Paula.  Who told her it was safe to come back to Twitter?  After having been ravage by re-tweet insults, the former queen of Southern cooking clearly tried to move on.  But the land of 140 characters is not quite done with her.  So, this is what she tweeted.


And she got answers like this.