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Keeping it 140: J. Cole Fan, Geraldo Rivera, Nicki Minaj and More

When I conceived of the concept behind Keeping it 140, the intent was to bust those who are essentially too ig’nant to use social media, but from time to time, I need to take a moment to commend the appropriate use of the Interwebs.

Kudos to all who took time out of your schedule to snatch the snowy white wig of Paula Deen who truly earned a spot next to Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and Uncle Ruckus as backwards race-baiting horses’ tails.  Your #paulasbestdishes remarks were hilarious and will make sure nobody mistakes the bigoted Betty Crocker for someone we should support.

And now that we’ve gotten the good vibrations out of the way, on to the biggest Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook fools of the week.  Hint: The department of family services needs to be dispatched in at least one case.

 1. Cole Hearted

If my hypothetical son held a gun, no matter whether it was a BB or not, on my daughter in exchange for a re-tweet from J Cole, all manner of authority, ranging from ATF to Navy Seals, would have to hold me back.  To keep it 100, my only thought would be to carry out that ol’ Cosby promise: I brought you into this world; I can take you out.  Let’s say a prayer for the soul of a stan so severe that he thinks that Twitter acknowledgement from a rapper is worth accidentally harming a sibling.  Stop. The. Madness.



2.  Show Some Respect

Geraldo is not known for his tact.  In fact, I am still mad at the outspoken faux journo for his ridiculous remarks about Trayvon Martin’s hoodie.  (‘Memba this?  His own son was embarrassed of him.)  But the one-time talkshow titan again inserted loafer in mouth with this idiotic Tweet in the wake of the death of the late, great writer/intrepid reporter, Michael Hastings who was credited for the dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal after a revealing interview.  Quoth Mr. G of Hastings’ passing:

A piece of advice, sir.  Go back to your old  decaying talkshow set, and be seated in each and every one of your moldy old chairs.  Show some respect.

3.  Say it With Your Chest

Somebody throw some beads at Nicki Minaj.  That must be what she’s asking for posting Instagram photos  holding on to her breasts for dear life. I refuse to add to the thirst, so go to hip hop wired for a look at the needless nudity.   I realize this is a pretty common magazine pose, but Instagram ain’t no magazine and she also looks like an Eagle made a nest on her head.  SMH.