K. Michelle: Too Good At Being Bad

I recently had a chance to meet with K. Michelle, you know, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s favorite table shaker.

K. is one of the few women in controversial reality television who has been able to monetize her infamy. She has a record deal with Atlantic. She has an endorsement contract with a hookah company. And of course she’s returning to the program that’s lined her pockets, VH1’s series Love and Hip Hop. During our chat the singer shared her aspirations of becoming a viable R&B superstar sans the show. She touted a string of sold out shows as indication that her fan bases is strong. She also shared that she’s a Florida A&M alum, overcome an impoverished upbringing, left an abusive relationship, is a classically trained musician and a working single mother. But while K.’s backstory reads like a UNCF scholarship application, her behavior on the show gives something much different. She’s so good at being bad.

On reality television, K. isn’t the girl who initially seems particularly soft or super sensitive— many of the things we often associate with the intimate sentiments relayed in much of R&B music. Instead the pint-sized dynamo comes across as the chick who is readily willing to backhand anyone who crosses the line. K. Michelle is undoubtedly tough. That said, the bodied up singer isn’t the first lady who comes to mind when it comes to uplifting, sharing or helping… or being loving. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be.

Unlike “mainstream” acts, such as Kim Kardashian and Snooki, who overcame small (and large) recorded debacles and rebranded themselves, many urban reality stars get stuck in the rut of reliving their “fatal flaw” over, and over again. But if Kim K and Snooki aren’t limited by their shenanigans, why do our stars, such as K. Michelle, have to remain stuck in “no brand land”? They shouldn’t. The truth is a few hard-hitting one-line jabs at castmates are many fans point of reference for the soul singer, but that sentiment is subject to change…soon.

Based on what I’ve heard from her album, her music is as good as she is bad on the show. We’ll have to wait to see which one pays off in the long run.