Jim Jones vs. Chrissy on Money

Learn ’em young.

That’s obviously Jim Jones’ philosophy when it comes to teaching his son, affectionately called Pudie. On a recent episode of VH1’s reality show Chrissy & Mr. Jones, the rapper gave his son a whopping $1500 cash — the little guy is like 10-years-old.

The episode was a great example of how good lessons can go bad, quickly. Jim offered his son an opportunity to “spearhead” a subsidiary clothing line for kids. He son took the bait and his apparel resonated with some buyers — or at least his dad. Pudie’s paddy was $3000, half of which is father made him reinvest in the company. The other half the elementary schooler was allowed to spend on his own, but not before being given a rubber band to hold his money in his pocket and being told that he essentially looked like a drug dealer or hustler because his knot was so larger.

Come on folks. I know that Jim shares he’s come from the street life, and has glorified it with lyrics, but don’t we want more for the kids? Despite the great strides he’s made in his personal and business life there is still something that equates success for young Black men with  illegal activity. Additionally, if you have a child, plus a wad of cash and no definitive purpose the equation typically results in some sort of trouble.

I’m not going to pretend I lack bias; I have long been #TeamChrissy. My support was only substantiated  when she intervened and strongly suggest that her fiancé cut out the hood behavior and promptly give his son a bank account and some direction.

Overall, I love that Jim thought to give his son access to entrepreneurship, but the key to changing his life isn’t simply giving him opportunity; it’s modeling the change you want.