JET Online Editor Shares Real Harlem Shake History

Harlem Shake Meme Explained by Harlem Girl
Harlem Shake Meme editor Starrene Rhett Rocque is actually from Harlem and is not about that Harlem Shake Meme life. Here she shares her own personal memories and history of the real Harlem Shake.


Initially, I was going to ignore the Harlem Shake meme that had been going viral but then it just wouldn’t stop, and then I saw a story about  it on the news and they credited DJ Baauer, the guy who created the song, for starting the dance. And then Azealia Banks recorded a remix and got into beef with DJ Baauer because he didn’t like the idea that she remixed his song. Chiiiile…
Clearly, people need a Harlem Shake education so, here’s my contribution to the already over-populated with opinions digital space.

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To my knowledge, the meme really took off when some Loyola University students released their version where they were shaking spastically to a 2012 DJ Baauer track called, you guessed it, “Harlem Shake.” That would be this video:

The actual song started to gain momentum, before all the memes went rapid, after it was heard in a Super Bowl commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. And then the viral videos exploded. Groupon even got involved and I wanted to pull out a sock and bop everyone in the head Homie Da Clown style.

Waving your arms spastically to an electro dance song is fun, and the meme is cute–especially this Charlie Brown version and now the fake Barack Obama version — but people need to stop being so gahtdamn misinformed about the Harlem Shake.

[Insert Kevin Hart voice] YOU GON LEARN TODAY

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