Test Driving: Is your energy… dirty?

Test Driving w/ Tia

Welcome to Test Driving. I’m S. Tia Brown, a Senior Editor at JET. As a seasoned journalist, life coach and licensed therapist, I’m going to test drive something new every week and give you the lowdown. Buckle up. 


As a person who believes in the power of positive energy and mindfulness, I was psyched when I received an invitation for a free energy cleaning via aromatherapy. I’d never tried it, and, frankly, I needed some fresh energy. I mean… am I the only person who’s looking at fall slowly creeping up and thinking I have not fully actualized my 2012 goals?

Still my cool waned as my appointment date drew closer.

Tia Brown (right) gets her energy re-aligned.

Now, I wasn’t in full panic mode as I strolled down Sixth Avenue making my way towards the posh Central Park spa where the Opus Gaia event was taking place, but it began to dawn on me that I really had no idea of what to expect— and I began looking for an out. First, I passed a Chipotle and I had to will myself not to stop for a Burrito— I was hungry…right? Then I saw a Starbucks and was convinced I needed a restroom break. But I didn’t. Eventually, I reminded myself that as a Brooklynite. I had the only tool I needed to break free of any uncomfortable situation: a mean mug. With that in mind I accepted that I didn’t need a potty break. I needed to woman up.

My anxieties were eased as soon as I entered the space. There were no weird machines. No unusual looking folk. No scary images. There was an unassuming woman, who actually reminded me of my grade school teachers so much that I expected her to break out in a Staten Island accented soliloquoy, and a display of scents. After waiting for my turn Adora (she was actually the company’s founder and lived in the boonies of New Jersey) gave me a quick spiel about her product, the power of natural aromas and Chakras. I was in.

Adora asked me to decide which Chakras I wanted to focus on, then we picked the scents, I closed my eyes and we had an interactive meditative experience. I enjoyed it. The energy cleansing included spraying essential oil mists while meditating. I also rubbed several scents on various Chakras and sniffed the oils to really pique my senses. My verdict: It worked.

I think the combination of designating a space for reflection and having the essential oils helped me get centered. I walked away feeling inspired and happier. Most important, I use them daily to help me get in the zone.

Interested in trying some aromatherapy to clear your energy? Check out the Opus Gaia’s Rhiamon Energy Essentials website.