What Happened to the Braxtons?

About three years ago I fell for show that featured five distinct sisters trying to figure out who they were. Last week I came to the conclusion that most of them are  now becoming Tamar Braxton.

Have you watched Braxton Family Values lately?

The somewhat wholesome sister act that I came to love has turned into mildly different versions of the same person: their bratty baby sister Tamar. I get it. Tamar has made a name for herself and developed a brand around her outlandish temperament. She has two shows, two albums and is raking in the dough.

But there can only be one Tamar — and that’s all the world can handle.

So when I see some of her other sisters espousing Tamar-isms— think: ridiculous words, extra attitude and extra necking snapping — it makes me want to change the channel. I liked, no loved, the diversity that made up the Braxton sisters. It was great to see how life choices lead people from the same clan down different roads, create unique personalities and dreams. That said, it is not lost that the sisters share one dream in common: fame. But there are various lanes, and they can be parallel.

I look forward to each lady from the Braxtons getting back in her own lane.