Test Driving: Does ‘Save Your Do’ work?

Actress Nicole Ari Parker. / via AP Images
Actress Nicole Ari Parker. / via AP Images

Test Driving w/ Tia

Welcome to Test Driving. I’m S. Tia Brown, a Senior Editor at JET. As a seasoned journalist, life coach and licensed therapist, I’m going to test drive something new every week and give you the lowdown. Buckle up. 


I am not a fan of exercising. No, let me retract that. I actually enjoy working out once I get into it, but between setting aside the time and the damage I know it will cause to my short ‘do, I’ve grown to loathe many aspects of it. Still there is one thing I hate more than prematurely sweating out my relaxer… being fat. So whenever I see back rolls, feel too winded or begin to muffin top, I start busting a crunch — at least for a while.

I decided to try “Save Your ‘Do,” a workout hair wrap created by actress Nicole Ari Parker, because I think she looks fabulous and I wanted to support a brown business. So, I wrapped up my recently coiffed short do and went on a 20-minute jog around my neighborhood. Like many women, my hair gets really moist when I exercise and because of the short length of the back of hair I cannot hide when my hair “reverts.”

Did Parker’s creation work?

Yes, and no. It definitely prevented my hair from losing shape — which is great. Still, it was pretty soaked post run, so I still had to blow it dry and flat iron it to completely save my ‘do. Overall, is “Save Your ‘Do” worth the investment? I say, yes.

Find out more about the product ($24.05 – $29.95) here.