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Date Knight: Could a Dating Contract Save Your Relationship?

As the staff’s resident relationship guru — who’s carved out a space on the web with an award-winning site called Naked With Socks On — I’ve been tapped by JET’s EIC to offer up dating advice and perspective for our readers. Five days out of the week I’m slaving behind a desk as JET’s Managing Editor, so I look forward to exploring the sights and sounds of Chicago with my wife as part of our weekly outings. I am Anslem Samuel Rocque and this is Date Knight.

I finally did it. After months of debate I called it quits. The relationship just wasn’t working anymore and I felt stuck, but after I found out when our two-year anniversary was I knew that was when I could finally be free and move on to something new. I knew it would be unexpected because we had been together so long but we had an agreement and it clearly said I had the option to leave with no penalty after two years and unfortunately I was exercising that right.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet I switched mobile carriers and left #TeamBlackberry to jumped over to #TeamiPhone. But if you felt like I was talking about a romantic relationship then you got the point. As I was leading up to switch I felt like I was breaking up with a woman: I had to make sure I packed up all my personal effects, had to pick the right day and time, and as the date came closer and closer to the end of my contract I felt anxious about leaving behind my ex for my next.

Although I knew I was ready to move on there was still a matter of figuring out who would be my new girl. As I weighed the pros and cons of each new cell service that would become my partner for the next two years at the very least, I came to the realization that people can commit to a cell phone plan quicker than they can another human being that they claim to love.

Think about for a second: Each day some new customer signs their name on the line to commit to one company for a bare minimum of two years. Sure, you can leave/break up whenever you want but not without paying a big penalty. Could you imagine if relationships or even dating came with similar contracts and consequences? I imagine that would change a lot of the BS that goes on in the dating world and hold people accountable for their commitment.

CLICK HERE to see what my concept for a dating contract would look like.