Chrissy and Mr. Jones: Are Men More Accepting?

I’m digging this season of Vh1’s Chrissy and Mr. Jones.

My most favorite-est thing? It shows the only person you can change is yourself.

We’ve followed the couple — and their clan— for the past three seasons. We’ve seen Chrissy feenin’ to get married, have kids and change her fiancé, Jim Jones, into a “better” reflection of  male adulthood. He changed. She still wasn’t happy.

Turns out that Chrissy wasn’t quite the reflection of female adulthood that she wanted so wasn’t happy… even when he gave her everything she asked for. He committed to marriage, children and allowing her to partner in his business.

The issue was simple: She isn’t who she wants to be. I love that we get to see her journey. The get-it girl who realizes that after all of her years of living fabulously she forgot to figure out what she liked, wants and needs to be happy.

At first her journey made me think that men were more accepting of women as they are. Then I realized that there was one thing I forgot to calculate in that equation: the selflessness of women. I know it’s a generalization, but most women end up putting themselves on the back burner and focusing on their dudes. Now, it doesn’t always mean they neglect themselves, but  I’ve seen lots of women get caught up in supporting their significant other.

And it makes “not doing you” easier. But it doesn’t last. You can’t hide from you.

I like watching Chrissy find herself.  And I enjoy Jim more for loving her along the journey.