Test Driving: Big phone, small problems

Test Driving w/ Tia

Welcome to Test Driving. I’m S. Tia Brown, a Senior Editor at JET. As a seasoned journalist, life coach and licensed therapist, I’m going to test drive something new every week and give you the lowdown. Buckle up. 


When I saw SoundLogic’s Retro Phone promotional material recently I couldn’t resist the urge to try it out— I mean it’s a big ole phone.

At first I felt like fool.

I mean not only did take up a large portion of my already busy bag, I didn’t want to whip it out in a crowd. I mean, I almost felt like a flasher. The phone’s bright color is definitely an attention grabber and it’s hard to look normal when your ear is on a wireless ’80s-style phone. But, like most embarrassing scenarios, eventually I got over it.

The Sound Logic Retro Cell Phone Handset. // Photo courtesy of

The big phone actually didn’t have many other drawbacks besides its size. It was fun to carry. It reminded me of my phone days in elementary school — being saddled with the large phone sitting right by the jack. Most important, it allowed me to chat on the phone for large periods of time sans the burning ear sensation that often accompanies any call longer than 5-10 mins on my mobile.

Overall, I give SoundLogic’s Retro Phone a B+. It’s a great accessory to have for personal use — especially if you’re like scores of Americans who are canceling their landlines. Plus, with the holidays around the corner it’s a great, affordable gift.

I enjoyed my drive.

Find out more about SoundLogic’s Retro Phone at Amazon.