Avant Reveals Why Reality TV Isn’t in His Future

By// Souleo

In order to move forward R&B singer-songwriter, Avant had to go back to the sounds of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds where he found inspiration for his latest album, Face the Music. “I sat back and paid attention to how their music made me feel,” he says. “It made me feel special. I didn’t feel angry or over aggressive like some of today’s music. So I want to give that feeling back from the old school and bring it into a 2013 format.”

In his efforts to update the classic sound of his musical influences, Avant reunited with his duet partner, Keke Wyatt on the passionate single, “You & I.” Although he appeared on an episode of Wyatt’s “R&B Divas” reality TV show, don’t expect him to further pursue such opportunities. Avant prefers an element of mystery and is only willing to reveal his personal stories through his music. “I try to keep it as private as possible and they keep telling me to open up. But with artists back in the day you didn’t always hear from them and it made you want to buy the record more. Now it’s so personal and it’s all about the image but I still wouldn’t do a reality show.”

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