Always (Kenya) Moore Drama

After watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 on Bravo last night I must give Kenya Moore much kudos for continuously bringing her own formula of ridiculous tomfoolery to reality television. At this point, I have to believe the sister is an Oscar-worthy actress… because if not her behavior is, as Phaedra Parks (her co-star and frenemy) aptly stated, “crazy”. Still, I watch— and kind of obsess. Here are some of my favorite Kenya Moore antics:

1. The fan – Bringing an ornate, feminine object to use in an aggressive manner on a reunion show was genius. It was a constant scene-stealer and adds an eccentric flair that plays on her Hollywood vibe. Kenya is great at garnering attention for herself and the fan is another example of her tactical skills.

2. Touting her million-dollar resume – I think many of us have watched Trois or Haitian Nights on BET. We need and appreciate small budget films that tell our stories (not matter how freaky or scary) in our community. Still, producing a movie with a million dollar budget or one that earned a million dollars once you tally in DVD sales doesn’t hold as much weight among cast members who earn more than your production’s total budget annually.

3. Playing the victim with Phaedra – Kenya refuses to let up on this Jedi mind trick around her failed attempt to manipulate Phaedra Parks. Now Kenya can feign innocence in this season-long scandal, but Miss USA did more than a bit of price gouging. She also tried to negotiate (hustle) her way into back-end money for a distribution deal— she wasn’t asked to get— because she assumed Phaedra didn’t have the know-how. That’s Kenya’s bad. Seems like the beauty misjudged Phaedra’s country attire and assumed a pageant title was going to blind the attorney. Phae-Phae may not have won a pageant, but word around town is she’s a consummate businesswoman with many connects. Kenya should have Google’d her mark.

4. Crushing poor Porsha – We have all met people who are not what we expected (or who we feel don’t deserve what they’ve been given)— but it usually doesn’t muster up such disdain. And that’s the most consistent emotion I see when watching Kenya interact with Porsha Stewart. She basks in outwitting Porsha… and when that doesn’t work — like when Porsha studied her Miss USA history for the reunion fired shots back— she simply ignores her.

5. Sucking up to NeNe – I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s interesting that NeNe Leakes is the only person Kenya hasn’t come for or who can reason with her. Do I think Kenya is afraid to battle with a fellow titan? Nope. She’s waiting for more power. So I love watching Kenya kiss NeNe’s hind parts…for now. I know a bite is coming.

Can’t wait to watch Part 2 next week!