Basketball Wives: Accountability Corner

I consider myself to be a warm and loving vessel.

That’s said, it’s hard for me to have sympathy for folks who are consistently unsympathetic, no, let me rephrase that. It’s kind of challenging for me to want to coddle bullies.

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t help but shake my head and smirk while watching this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” which featured two of the show’s resident terrors, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada, boo-hooing about poor treatment. Here’s the thing, you’re allowed to grow. Tami isn’t relegated to only being a fist throwing, mush-happy scorned woman. And Evelyn isn’t just a drink tossing, husband-boning mean girl. But let’s not front, these ladies are responsible for more shade than a palm tree.

Of course, they forget all of their past wrongs when it’s time for them to lick their wounds. Frankly, I’m proud of Shaunie O’Neal — who Tami bristled at for saying things could go really right or wrong prior to introducing her to a new cast member— for finally standing firm with Tami, calling her out for trying to bully people into thinking and saying only what she finds acceptable. Evelyn’s case has a lot more gray area.

New cast member Tasha Marbury was confronted for making two suspect comments about headbutting, one a direct slam against Evelyn (who was headbutted by her ex-husband Chad Johnson, during their short-lived marriage) and the other questionable. While Evelyn’s scenario was a bit more serious, it’s hard to forget all the jabs, both physical and verbal, she’s given.

I hope all the folks watching the show received the same message I did: Karma doesn’t miss deliveries. It may be late, but it always reaches its destination. You can’t say and do what you want and think people will just forget. You don’t get to curse people out; sleep with married men; throw drinks in faces and be generally nasty without that energy coming back to you in some form. Accountability is a bigger bitch that any reality television star.