Youtube’s Most Recommended Drugstore Blender That Is Better Than The Beauty Blender

You had us at $10 for two sponges.

Every once in awhile, Youtube rallies around a must-have product that works wonders. Often, it’s an inexpensive foundation or a poreless primer that does a standout job of coverage. The newest dupe is the EcoTool Perfecting Blender Duo. The package comes with two sponges: a small sponge and a large sponge. The large sponge provides an overall blending of your base foundation, and the smaller sponge can be used to blend your concealer in harder-to-reach areas and creases. The sponges also come with a pointed tip for more precise application.

The smaller sponge is made slightly firmer than the other sponges for detailed coverage. The stiffness of the sponge makes it harder to move product around on your face and difficult to manipulate the sponge itself. The big sponge is softer and more pliable than the smaller one which makes it easy to use your entire routine. It provides a buildable and lightweight coverage. The large size of the sponge makes it soak up more product than a beauty blender which may waste more product than desired. However, the sponges are also made with mainly plant based products and cruelty-free. For only $10 from local drugstores like Ulta, this is a complete steal.