The YouTube Vlogger Who No Longer Cares If She’s Liked

She’s undergoing soul surgery. 

Breeny Lee, the Youtube vlogger, has cut off her hair and is not wearing makeup. She no longer wants to be the typical Instagram baddie. Her campaign, #soulsurgery, is about accepting who you are with and without makeup. The hashtag is to bring awareness to the high beauty expectations of Instagram community that influencers themselves cannot meet.

“Makeup, for me, has always been something I’ve used to cover up and feel confidence,” says Lee. “But it’s something that I need to get rid of to appreciate my black features, my black skin, and my dark skin.”

Today was kinda hard. If you’ve watched my last #SoulSurgery video (link in bio) and been following me on SC you would know I challenged myself to go without makeup for the whole week to #freethesoul. Today being Easter and one of those days in the year where you just want to look your “best” I put on this beautiful dress and I just didn’t feel “complete” without my makeup I was sooo tempted to beat my face or at least put on some concealer for goodness sake but I had to stop myself and ask myself who am I doing this for? And why? Why am I not enough? I instantly resisted the urge, stopped looking in the mirror and walked out the house with my head held high, spotty forehead, lines, sparse brows and all. This is me. I went to church and looked people dead in the eye like I always did, Truth is nobody really cares as much as we think they do and most of our insecurities are in our head. Even if people don’t like the way you look who cares?! I don’t have hair and I didn’t have on Make-up, I had no crutches but I allowed myself to be FULLY seen irrespective of people’s opinion, I may not be your cup of tea and that’s ok because I’m finally at peace with myself. #soulsurgery

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The Youtube vlogger documented a full week without makeup. Lee was nervous every day of stepping out of her house throughout all of Easter week and weekend.

“When you don’t have the crutches of makeup, you value what you can bring to the conversation,” says the Youtube vlogger. “But one of the hardest things was to give up the perfect perception that people have of me.”

Other women are joining Lee’s campaign by also going makeup free. Lee wants people to know that she is not against makeup, but she wants us all to recalibrate how she finds value in ourselves.