If You’re Not Already Obsessing Over These Albino Twins From Brazil Then This Will Convince You

How can two people be so heavenly?

We couldn’t be more thrilled whenever the fashion and beauty industry embrace models that we also find stunning. Not only does it feel like validation of our second careers as casting agents, but it also just makes us happy to see the beauty that we find relatable. Lara and Mara Bawar are the 11-year-old twins that are our new beauty obsession. The girls who are thriving with albinism, a condition that causes the lack of skin and hair pigment, are an inspiration to love your skin.

The young models from Sao Paulo Brazil were put in the spotlight when Swiss photographer, Vinicius Terranova, who was born in Sao Paulo took notice of the girls. For his project, Flores Raras (rare flowers), Terranova would have the twins and their thirteen-year-old sister, Sheila, pose as part of his series. “I launched the project portraying three black sisters, two of them being albino twins. Their love for each other is visible, their beauty is complementary in every single way, and their differences coexist in harmony just like it should be every way in society,” Terranova told Metal. Lara, Mara, and Sheila have since modeled model for Nike, Insanis, and Bazaar Kids, not to mention their rise as social influencers with an Instagram following of over 28k. So if you haven’t followed them already, we’d get on that if we were you.

One of the twins hitching a ride from older sister, Sheila, in ultimate style. 

The girls on set of the YAWS video serving up pajama-chic. 

When you’re cute and you know it.