Ulta Has A Foundation Kit That Lets You Mix Your Own Shade

The search is over.

The search is over, friends. Put away your wrists at the beauty counter, and let me tell you about the foundation kit that could save us all from the stress of finding the right foundation shade. Ulta has released foundation adjusting drops which will be like music to our ears for anyone who mixes foundation shades to make the right match. The Ulta Foundation Adjusting Drops include two pigment drop shades, one that is a light beige and another which is closer to bronze tone.

These drops are then used to warm up or cool down your go-to foundation for the changing seasons or for a particular look that may be brighter than your usual look. We can only imagine this is also a hack not to buy a highlighter and bronzing kit again– just utilize your loyal foundation to do all of the work.

You can mix the foundation and drops with your fingertips or an applicator to get a seamless blend. Because you may sacrifice product in the process of mixing the formula, it may be best to use the same applicator for mixing and application. The drops should not affect the coverage of your foundation or the finish. The only flaw? There is no way to darken an already dark shade.

The Ulta Foundation Adjusting Drop Kit is available for $18 at