The Two Secrets From Every French Girl’s Skin Routine That Will Boost Your Skin Health

J’adore.Ah, the French. They’re endlessly alluring in their minimal makeup looks and clear skin. It seems like French girls just wake up, put on a loose shirt, and glow their way through every common scenario. A grocery shopping trip suddenly turns into a glow-portunity (an opportunity to glow). We did the work to break down the Parisian girl beauty routine to find everything that we could steal from their product lineup. There were two steps in each routine that seemed essential to the moisturizing process no matter the brand used.

The first, a rose water toner. The main benefit of rose water restoring skin’s PH levels. Rose water goes a long way towards reducing excess oil which is a preventative measure to minimize the need for matte concealers or foundations. Rose water is also an anti-inflammatory which clears pores and strengthens skin cells to tone the skin.

Sanoflore Aqua Rosa Botanical Essence


Uriage Roséliane Fluid Dermo-Cleansing

$22.12, (

The second, thermal water. Thermal water is from hot springs, but in most cases is formulated to mimic water from hot springs, which includes minerals that we find in or skin. These minerals do two things for the skin: protect from UV damage and decrease inflammation.

La Roche Posay Eau Thermale

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