I Tried The Uber of Hair braiding (And It Was Kind’ve Amazing)

For moody girls who still want perfect hair.  

I’ve always dreaded having to go to the hair salon. There is nothing more overwhelming than the long lines on a Saturday, the caucus of voices thrown across the shop, and the light tugging of someone pulling at your hair while Nollywood faintly plays in the background. The hair salon is also a breeding ground for gossip and interrogations that are made public to the rest of the shop. There’s a type of woman that relishes in this environment, maybe even seeks it out, but I’ve only ever tolerated it for a head of twists tighter than the ones that I could manage to pull off on my own.

When I heard about Rent-A-Hairstylist, I immediately booked the appointment. The styling service company operates in New York and brings the hair stylist to you. Much like Uber, you log into the service portal, choose your desired hairstyle, choose your stylist, provide your location, and wait for them to arrive. You’re provided a service code which the stylist will say to you once they are at your location to be sure that everything checks out. The best part of it all is that you’re able to keep binge watching your favorite shows or have your hair done while you’re waiting for an important package to come. You save on travel costs to Queens, and you’re in complete control of the environment for your beauty treatment.

The only downside that I ran into was not consulting with my stylist before the appointment. I rarely ever get braids because as mentioned before I hate the process of walking into a braiding salon which meant that I ended up buying the wrong hair for my extensions. The hairstylist completed my look but returned a couple of days later with the right hair to make sure that I was satisfied. We watched three episodes of Big Little Lies and decided that Reese Witherspoon will always be on our list of favorite blondes. But most of all, I cannot stop flipping my hair.