Three Readers Try Stellar Cosmetics To Find Out If It’s Actually Good For Medium Tone Skin

Foundation Match Test.

Yes, we are still on a search for the perfect foundation. As this year, more than ever before, it seems like brands are making a strong effort to create foundations and makeup products that fit the consumer’s exact needs. Earlier this month, we heard of Stellar Cosmetics. The Sephora brand which tailored it’s makeup to prioritize its pigments for medium skin tones which the creator, Monika Deol, found to be the least available in the market. We set out on an experiment to see just how well this new brand would work on women that considered themselves medium, and how well it would apply to their skin.

Model, Naomi

How does this Foundation compare to others you have used?

I currently use NARS Velvet Skin Tint during the day and NARS foundation during the night if I’m going out for more coverage. This foundation actually felt very light on the skin and I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. I would have to say it felt lighter than both of the NARS products I use.

How did it feel on your skin?
The foundation felt very nice on the skin as it was not too heavy or sticky.
How was the match?
Foundation matched my skin very well! It had full coverage and hid all my discolorations.
How did it the makeup feel on your face after a few hours of wear? 
Unfortunately, the makeup got very heavy throughout the wear after a few hours. My skin got very oily, and I immediately took off the makeup to avoid clogging my pores and breakouts.
Did you like your lip shade? 
LOVED the lip shade I wore. I wore it again yesterday haha!
Would you buy from this line? 
I believe I would only buy the lipsticks from this line. I’m not entirely sold on the foundation but open to trying again.
Foundation: Stellar Cosmetics, s20, Highlighter: Stellar Cosmetics, s09 Foundation, Lip: Stellar Cosmetics, Dark Matter #3, Contour:  s06 concealer, Bardot Lash eyelashes. 

Model, Lila

How does this foundation compare to others you’ve used?
I’m not someone who wears foundation on a day to day basis; I do have NARS foundation that I wear here and there in the winter time especially. The foundation looked great on and blended in with my skin nicely.
How did it feel on your skin? 
The foundation was light and provided good coverage.
How was the match?
The match was spot-on. It matched the shade of skin color.
How did the makeup feel on your face after a few hours of wear? 
After a few hours, the makeup felt very heavy and felt cakey, even though it felt light when first applied. My skin is very sensitive and when it came time for me to take it off it was time-consuming and deep into my pores.
Did you like your lip shade? 
I was not the biggest fan of my lip shade.  I don’t wear lipstick ever but would like to get into them. I would consider myself more of a gloss user. My lips are big in size, and I felt that the bold dark color was intense and targeted too much attention towards my lips. I would have enjoyed a shade that was more subtle and more along the lines a shade that I could wear every day.
Would you buy from this line?
 I am interested in seeing what other products they have and would give it a shot. As long as its affordable and good quality.
Foundation: Stellar’s s09, Contour: Stellar’s s20, Lip: Stellar’s Liquid Aura #2, Eyeshadow: Renaissance Palette in Pink Champagne, Bardot Lash eyelashes

Lila and Naomi in natural light with their Stellar applied makeup looks. The girls at this point were still feeling as though the coverage was lightweight, good coverage, and providing them with a good match. 


Model, Alisha

How does this foundation compare to others you’ve used?
To be honest, I don’t usually wear foundation or a full face of makeup. I keep it simple: a sleek cat eye, a burst of lipstick and boy brow, which has quickly turned into a staple in my life. So I very rarely bake or get my face beat, and when I do, I hardly recognize myself.
How was the match?
Kaeisha did a great job on my makeup. She made me feel like a black Barbie doll: rosy cheeks, golden highlight and perfectly arched eyebrows. She used the darker Stellar foundation color on my face (I consider myself a deep brown or milk chocolate tone) but it wasn’t close to my complexion. Instead, she used it to highlight my face and added Maybelline’s mocha foundation for full coverage.
How did the makeup feel on your face after a few hours of wear? 
Throughout the day, noticed that there was foundation on my face only because I’m not used to wearing it. However, it didn’t feel heavy or cakey at all: it was like a thick layer of moisturizer on my face. When I took it off, my skin didn’t feel irritated at all, which has happened to me with other beat face experiences. Instead, it was smooth and back to normal.
Did you like your lip shade? 
The lipstick Kaeisha used was glam and glittery: a metallic copper. The universal blush she applied on me gave a subtle rosy effect.
Would you buy from this line?
I enjoyed the makeup look for the day, but I probably won’t invest in the foundation, as it isn’t my exact skin tone. The lipstick, however, felt smooth and moisturizing. I would look into their matte and satin colors for future use.
Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Mocha, Highlighter: Stellar’s s22 Foundation, Eyeshadow: Modern Renaissance palette in Antique Bronze and Real Gar, Blush: Colourpop’s Shock Chic in Candyman, Lip: Stellar’s Disco Moon #5, Blush: Stellar’s Cosmic Beam

All three girls shortly after their makeup application.

Photography courtesy of Esther Faciane 
 Makeup by Kaeisha Marie
Creative Direction Elaine Musiwa