Tarte Cosmetics’ New Collection Is Worth Buying Just To Instagram And They’ve Just Released More

Omg, unicorns!

Tarte Cosmetics dropped us right back into our childhoods which could be summed up as a freakish obsession with the one-horned and colorful mystical creatures that constantly appeared in our dreams–unicorns. If unicorns were actually a thing they would definitely beat out dogs-getting-a-bath videos, but because we are still waiting for them to appear from the enchanted forest, Tarte Cosmetics did us a solid with this collection.

Earlier this week, Tarte dropped their Make Believe in Yourself collection which includes unicorn-inspired products: a rainbow highlighter, a magic wand set, and an eye and cheek palette. The magic wands are so good and golden that they’re almost worth starting a Youtube to record a Get Ready With Me for the purpose of using them publically.

Tarte has just kept the gifts coming as the week winds off and released a few more products in unicorn feels. The most exciting products to try out are the Pro Glitter Liner and the Sprinkle Face and Body Glitter. Basically, Tarte Cosmetics is amping us up for festival season and we honestly couldn’t be more happy about it. If only their highlighter had more range of color, but you can’t win everything in one day.