The Spring Nail Trend That Makes A Simple Manicure Look Expensive

Put some gold on it.


Nail artist Mei Kawajiri is bringing back gold hoops pierced through a perfectly applied manicure. It isn’t her only expertise, but it is certainly one of her most provocative. She adds a twist to the look using artificial nails that hook onto the gold hoops pierced into your nail. Hooks on nails on nails. A variation of the look showed on models at the Phillip Plein show as well as the Balenciaga show at New York Fashion Week.

The look, even though fierce, is impractical and borders amusing rather than wearable. Kawajiri offers a variation of the look that is more delicate and versatile, no matter where you have to go or what you have to do– like trying to pick something up. Gold wired nails still give you that added gold embellishment, but they border around the bed of your nail as an outline to your polish.

Like a gold tooth 💅🏻 Wire nails 💅🏻 #nailsbymei #nails #fashion

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It can also be swept across the bottom of your nail in the shape of a half moon. Kawajiri describes the look as effortless.The look is achieved with copper wire framing and best accompanied with a clear nail polish. Would you rock it?