“Skin Season” Tool Kit

Woman lying on the beach with suntan lotion on her stomach.
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Welcome to Beauty School!  Every Monday, JET experts will teach you how to preserve your sexy.  This week, make-up and hair expert Dre Brown shares her spring beauty survival kit.


Spring fashion is all about inching up those hemlines, freeing your knees and elbows, uncovering that collarbone and celebrating the ability to FINALLY show off a little skin.

I love this wardrobe phenomenon, as I like to think of spring as the “skin season” pre-game — the time to test and try out your tools before summer brings the real skin showdown. So, now’s the time drugstore divas! I challenge you to start assembling your ultimate skin tool kits now while shelves are stocked and there’s still time for field testing. Godspeed with the below frugally fab suggestions for softening, smoothing, and sheening your skin.

Enjoy . . .

Buff Stuff

Don’t dare go bare without a  quick buff. With winter’s armor of thick skin likely still hanging around a bit, take down that dulling veneer with a powerful scrub. Start with an all over  in-shower exfoliant every other day and be sure to pay extra attention to joint skin and feet. Try either of these tough-buffers to kick off your seasonal smoothing:

Tree Hut Almond & Honey Shea Sugar Body Scrub ($7,

almondhoney scrub

Rich with almond, safflower seed, and avocado oils, this paraben-free scrub will take away the roughness you don’t want and leave the natural goodness you do.

Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Exfoliating Body Wash ($10, Target stores)


Get skin radiance and smoothness double-duty with this pumice powered and citric acid charged skin solution. Safe for daily use, your skin will boast a clean grapefruit scent and super softness.

Foot Soldiers

Nothing can take the pretty out of a peeptoe pump like a less-than-supple set of digits. Go beyond polish and prep your puppies for everything from espadrilles to barefoot escapades with these hardworking healers:

Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion ($9,


Revive and invigorate your feet with the power of peppermint. Stimulating menthol and coconut oil soften and smooth rough calluses and dryness to reveal healthy smooth skin.

Omnibalm Daily Foot Therapy ($12, Walmart stores)


Deeply penetrating, this wonder-balm uses the natural antiseptic and softening muscle of tea tree oil to heal and renew feet daily.

Golden Rules

As women of color, we mustn’t take for granted our skin tones’ natural tendencies to glow. Our complexions can and will lose radiance and fall victim to dulling and ruddiness if not properly maintained. Moisture is a must. But, for skin season, go the extra mile to keep your golden tone with these treats that add suppleness and enhance tone brilliance.

Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion For Medium Skin Tones ($14,


Quench your skin’s daily thirst with all-natural sun-kissed moisture and tone enhancing. Packed with natural emollients and moisture boosters including soybean oil, vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate, this potion promotes skin’s radiance and enriches tone over time.

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Daily Moisturizer ($25,


Get back that girlish radiance with this powerful hydrator charged with English lavender, rosemary leaf, geranium, orange peel, and roman chamomile for a natural cocktail of glow enhancement. An under makeup must, this serum will help even and brighten complexion from within.

Hater Blockers

Free radicals can smell skin season approaching and are waiting in the wings to attack unprotected skin as soon as the spaghetti straps are on! Remember to bodyguard above and below the belt to ensure your skin’s health is upheld all season long. Build up your defenses with antioxidants and sunblock for the ultimate one-two punch. Some quality care candidates include:

Kiss My Face SPF 30 Sun Spray Lotion ($7,


Achieve head to toe sun shielding with this lightweight solution you can mist on in moments before heading out for a day of showing off your skin. Safe for the face as well, this paraben-free spray covers all your bases.

Vichy Laboratoires Capital Soleil SPF 45 Face & Body Lotion ($29, Walgreen’s Stores)


With potent antioxidants from vitamin E and white grape polyphenols, this all over protector hydrates, cools, and absorbs without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. SPF 45 ups the ante for a higher level of age-fighting protection.