The Secret to Avoiding The Cakey Look of Your Foundation

Put down the beauty blender.

If you’ve exfoliated, moisturized, matched your foundation, and set it with a translucent powder, but you’re still streaky, and your pores are so large that they’re fielding questions then you’ll want to pull back on your application. Nearly every makeup tutorial shows an application of foundation that is all over the skin and full coverage. This just isn’t necessary for most of us. “Your forehead doesn’t always need foundation since it’s often darker and more even-toned than the rest of the face,” Ashley Shapiro told Glamour.

Pulling back on where you use your foundation to key problem areas on your skin which for most of us is the area around our nose, our chin, and our cheeks will allow your foundation to blend more seamlessly and create a more skin-like finish. We also find that it gives your skin the opportunity to show off all of the steps you’re taking to maintain and improve your complexion through your skincare routine. There is no reason to add highlight to your brow bone when your natural moisture is showing through.

By reducing where you use your foundation, your pores are allowed to breathe and lessen the clogging of your makeup products. But it also helps with eliminating the creasing in fine lines that give your foundation application that dry and flaky look. So, bouncier looking and more radiant skin? We’ll pass on the cake.