This Is How to Do Rainbow Lids Without Looking Ridiculous

Cheat sheet for being gay pride AF, chic, and a touch of edgy.   

When you’re working with a lot of colors, it can be easy to slip into the tacky territory real quick. But rainbow makeup is everything when it comes to repping gay pride in June. It’s the perfect time to experiment with your eyeshadow palette that goes untouched all year, and trust us, we get that. We like experimenting with our makeup just as much as the next beauty guru, but it’s always best to do it in style. We sat down with New York-based makeup artist Kaeisha Marie to discuss the best tips for keeping your rainbow-inspired look effortless.

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Choose a rainbow focal point

Pick one of your beauty strengths, and capitalize on it with all the rainbow power that your makeup kit can provide. If lips are your thing, then stick to amping up your lips. If you have eyelids that don’t crease, then bring attention to your eyes without pause.

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Keep the rest of your look nude or muted

Sacrifice the rest of your look to complement your rainbow focal point. Nude lipstick and a soft contour will make your look pop and appear refined. The less there is going on with the rest of your face, the chicer you’ll look.

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Blend really well (no, seriously)

Anyone can slap colors on her face, but your blending technique will take your look to life-giving beauty. “You should start with applying the lighter colors of each side on the inner corners, then use the darker colors on each side, and finish with the middle colors with another brush to blend into the inner and outer colors for a seamless transition,” says Kaeisha Marie.