Product Spotlight! The Serum That Will Help Your Skin Instantly Recover From Summer

You NEED this product in your skincare arsenal. 

Oily skin plagues my face from June to August. It’s uncomfortable, sticky, and makes it impossible to wear all-day stay makeup. With the extra dose of sebum and the drying effect of the sun, it’s more important than ever to take care of my skin. But naturally, a little bit of clogging occurs in my pores and by the time it’s August, the texture of my skin has dramatically changed. Say bye-bye to smooth skin and hello to easy-to-spot pores.

However, everything has changed after adding Paula’s Choice BHA Perfecting Liquid into my skincare routine. The formula is thicker than a serum but lighter than a moisturizer. It goes on clear but dries with a glow. Within the second day of using the product, I received a slew of compliments:  “your skin looks radiant”, “you look different!”, and “I can’t put my finger on it, but you have a glow to you”.

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The important ingredient in the gel is BHAs, also known as, Beta Hydroxy Acid. BHAs are found in nature (like willow bark), but they’re also superstars at exfoliating the skin to reveal new skin. The formula corrects dark spots, helps to reverse photo-damage and improves the skin’s texture. I’ve found my skin becoming more even-toned, tighter, and luminous.

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