Pro Tip! The $20 Japanese Sunscreen That Skincare Gurus Are Using Instead of Glossier’s Invisible Shield

Bye-bye Glossier?

The release of Glossier’s new Invisible Shield sunscreen did not come without its fair share of haters. The skincare and cosmetics brand which is often overlooked as an “Instagram brand” has taken two years to release a sun block option. It isn’t any surprise that the product which they’ve now released has gone under close review by skincare enthusiasts.

Fans have discovered that within the Invisible Shield ingredient list there is avobenzone and sweet orange essential oil which has led to comment trolling on Glossier posts. Avobenzone, a common ingredient in sunscreen, has been found to break down quickly in the sun. Once it has degraded, it releases free radicals and essentially exposes you to cancer risk. The chemical only provides thirty minutes of protection at most. There is also speculation that the sweet orange essential oil used in the sunscreen could make the skin more photosensitive, but sweet orange is actually thought of as being a safe essential oil especially when diluted. Along with both claims, the most popular comment is: this looks oily.

Comment trolls and the digitally concerned are suggesting the Japanese sunscreen, Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence, as the better alternative. The new formulation feels like a gel, and once it contacts the skin, it feels like water. It contains hyaluronic acid for brightening and anti-oxidants to improve your skin while protecting it. It’s SPF50 PA++++ and is only $20 from