Is Pretty Vulgar Really Worth The Hype? Reddit weighs in!

The new Sephora beauty brand. 

Pretty Vulgar is the new makeup brand on the scene. The brand is setting itself apart from other competitors with vintage inspired packaging. While we are intrigued by the look, there is still speculation about the brand’s finish and performance. Pretty Vulgar launched this week at Sephora with an 81-piece launch. As part of the launch, we’ve seen the rollout of products like The Feathers Mascara, Down Below Lash Primer, On Point Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Bury Them With A Smile Matte Lipstick, and My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick.

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Redditors are weighing in to about whether the brand will be worth testing in stores this Spring. In general, users are undecided about the packaging of the products which some find to be unsophisticated while others love the floral look. Another topic at hand is the names of the products which most Redditors think are too forced.

Like a poisonous flower, our beauty is as dangerous as it is delightful. 🌹 #Shhh

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The brand is pulling in comparisons to Hard Candy which was initially sold at Sephora before being bought by Walmart. Another competitor mentioned by Redditors was Besamé which also makes makeup in vintage packaging that is sold at Sephora as well. You can shop and test the rest of the items, for $22 to $35, on, and