The Powerful Vitamin C Serum Soon To Be Released on Soko Glam

And why it’s the freshest serum you can buy online. Soko Glam has been the Fairy Godmother of Korean beauty since it’s explosion in the United States. Due to a combination of their instructive curation of K-beauty products and founder, Charlotte Cho, they are leading the way regarding the items that we need to purchase. The brand continues to arguably be the most visible out of the three Korean beauty big weights including Peach & Lily and Glow Recipe. So, when the trusted source creates a product, naturally it’s a big deal.

The exclusive release of The Tripe C Lightning Liquid is bound to sell out. The vitamin C serum created with COSRX, a Korean skincare brand that provides dermatology tested products that are easy to use for the average consumer. COSRX is already a K-beauty favorite with products such as the Acne Pimple Master Patch and the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which both ranked as winners in Soko Glam’s 2016 Beauty Awards. The natural collaboration has produced one of the most powerful and freshest serums on the K-beauty market right now.

The formulation contains 20.5% Vitamin C to even your skin’s complexion as well as 72% blackchoke berry to provide hydration. The brand suggests initially using only a couple of drops of the serum with your daily moisturizer due to the high percentage of pure vitamin C. It is likely that the high-percentage of ascorbic acid will sting upon application until your skin adapts. The product will also be made in small batches and shipped directly from Korea to maintain that every bottle is a fresh bottle of vitamin C. In an effort to preserve its freshness after unpackaging, the brands suggest storing the serum in the refrigerator. It will be available on on April 11 for $27. So yeah, we have our calendars marked.

Photo Courtsey of The Klog