Newsflash: Redditors No Longer Want To Support Beauty Guru Makeup Lines

Not interested.

Redditors took to a thread this week to vent about their waning interest for beauty bloggers and their makeup collection launches. Both Jaclyn Hill and Manny MUA received major yawns from the tough audience. “Would rather buy from a reputable brand that I know won’t disappoint, like mufe. That’s where my money is going, not into Jaclyn and Manny’s pockets,” said Puppymom2 on Reddit.

Jaclyn Hill’s makeup line from MakeupAddiction

We’ve seen a similar distaste from fans happen to Michelle Phan as well recently. She started as a girl posting her videos onto Youtube to having an audience of over 2 million followers. The influencer founded ipsy and was worked on a palette with Lancôme that ultimately failed. “Looking back, the price point was too high for the demographic we were trying to reach — which were my followers in college and high school. And we didn’t have that happy ending we all anticipated,” Phan told Refinery. Phan has had to buy back EM cosmetics to ultimately start over with the brand under her own direction.

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There is a considerable difference between how the beauty community rallies behind celebrities with makeup lines vs. beauty gurus who pursue makeup collaborations with brands. Redditors are speculating that it matters which brand the gurus choose to partner with because the quality of the products matters in such a competitive landscape for consumers. “On one hand, Champagne Pop is my HG highlighter, and I think she killed it! On the other hand, Champagne Pop was made with Becca, an established brand,” said weepingreading on Reddit.