The All-Natural Mask That Gabrielle Union Uses To Keep Her Curls Healthy

Her hairstylist spills the secrets. Gabrielle Union never has a hair out of place, and we depend on her to always bring that level of flawlessness. Thankfully for us, she always pulls through to bless us with radiant skin and perfect tresses of wavy hair. So, when Union debuted her natural hair on Instagram, it was imperative that we find out what she uses to take care of it between protective styles. Her hairstylist, Wankaya H. prides herself on using natural products to treat the hair including avocado which she considers a power ingredient for restoring hair. “Routine maintenance on your natural hair while wearing protective styles are a must,” says Union. “We have mastered the process.”

The mask which Wankaya uses to bring the bounce back into Union’s hair includes turmeric, avocado, tea tree oil, manuka honey, and coconut milk that she mixes herself. This mask that is rich in both fatty acids and antimicrobial extracts will cleanse the hair follicles while also bringing moisture back to the hair strands. “A rich source of proteins, amino acids, and vitamins helps to soothe the scalp and promotes long, strong, and healthy hair growth,” says Wankaya. “It also prevents hair loss, helps tame the frizz factor, and repairs damaged hair or split ends.” We’re running, not walking, to the closest Whole Foods.

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