This Natural Hair Blogger Wants to STOP Hair Texture Discrimination

<> on June 11, 2017 in West Hollywood, California.

Here’s the conversation the natural hair community has been avoiding.

Hair blogger Queen Bri wants to stop texture discrimination in the natural hair community. Bri is of mixed race and has had her own internal battle with hair texture. She went natural in 2012 and has been advocating for other women to go natural as well ever since. Her Instagram addresses the intersectionality of straddling Black and White culture, which has given her a nuanced view of important topics, especially beauty. One of the blogger’s recent Instagram posts addressed a topic she feels needs to be discussed: “At the top of the hierarchy is loose curly hair and at the bottom is kinky hair. There is no denying the natural hair community displays a preference for looser curls,” she said.

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We’ve seen that in the natural hair community, popular products such as defining custard and curl enhancers lend themselves to defining curls rather than embracing kinkier hair, which tend to have tighter curls that are harder to define. Also, traditional hairstyling techniques like twistouts or braidouts manipulate kinky hair to mimic a naturally loose curl texture. “The top vloggers who have the most followers and the most opportunities to work with natural hair companies all tend to have loose curly hair. The Instagram natural hair sites tend to showcase 3c hair and looser the most. I rarely see type 4 hair represented, “said Bri. Type 4 hair in the natural hair community is the most coarse. “I do think the natural hair community needs to be more inclusive of type 4 hair and give those textures representation because they need support too.”


Contrary to popular belief everybody doesn’t want straight hair. I hate it when people make comments to me like ” don’t you wish your hair was straight?” Or ” you must hate your hair.” “Your hair must be sooo hard to do.” FYI I don’t want straight hair, I love my natural hair, and my hair isn’t hard to do! I probably spend 15-25mins on my hair everyday tops. If you see a chick with natural hair let her be great! Don’t say dumb shit to her! 💁🏽💜 * * * #healthy_hair_journey #Hair2mesmerize #kinkychicks #berrycurly #respectmyhair #naturalchixs #myhaircrush #amazingnaturalhair #naturalhairloves #aphogee #naturallyshesdope #naturalhair #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #mixxxedchicks #blackgirlmagic #vivacacheada #vivacachos #blackhairmatters #blackboyjoy #hnl26 #2frochicks #howtonaturalhair #kinks2curls #afropunk #afrohair #blackgirlfly #blackslayingit #curlyculture #curlyhair

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