The Natural Beauty Ingredient That You Should Be Paying Attention To For A Natural Glow

A breakdown of exactly why Yuja extract could heal your hyperpigmentation.

Highlighters have taken over every girl’s makeup bag as the must-have item next to luminous concealer, natural blush, and eyelash extensions. We are all clamoring for the brightest and boldest highlighter that will bring our dewiness to peak effortless-glow levels.

Hyperpigmentation, a condition that overproduces melanin in certain spots on the skin to cause darkened acne scarring, could be the thing that is making you cake on your foundation and holding you back from being the moisturized and supple goddess that we know you can be.

Enter: Yuja (Yuzu), a Japanese citrus, with three times the Vitamin C as a lemon. To say it lightly, this is not the lemon from your Grandma’s garden. Vitamin C is the rockstar that is responsible for energizing your complexion to reduce free radical damage and assist in your skin’s natural production of collagen. Here are some of the best products that contain this extract to lighten your hyperpigmentation and provide intensive moisture:

SKINFOOD’s Yuja Water C Whitening Ampoule

This highly concentrated ampoule contains brightening effects when massaged into the skin after applying toner. The formula is light and makes for the perfect rise-and-shine product in your morning skin routine as it has a pleasant citrus smell to liven the senses.

$39 (

ERBORIAN Yuza Double Lotion

Two words: lightweight and moisturizing. This formula is so lightweight that it could be described as a moisturizing toner and best applied with a cotton pad at the end of your skin regime. Think of it as the juice blend for your face that adds the bounce back to your complexion.

$36 (

ERBORIAN Yuza Sorbet Night

The ultimate nighttime snack for your face. This creamy balm brings together 12 plant extracts, butter, and oils to secure its place as the power move in your evening regime. It applies on thick which is why it is ideal for the nighttime, but the formula is effective against signs of aging and scarring for firmer and brighter skin.

$55, (

Photos Courtsey of the Brands