Nails by Najja: South African Flag

This week’s quick and easy design honors the legacy of Nelson Mandela with the South African flag. Sit down with your kit, and get ready to create this cool look. Always remember that you are the artist and your nail is the canvas!


A yellow striper (If you don’t have a striper, cut the bristles of a nail polish brush with scissors to make it thinner)

A white striper

A green striper

A red polish

A blue polish

A black polish

A dotting tool (If you don’t have one of these, use the end of a bobby pin or makeup brush as a substitute)

An image of the South African flag for reference


1. Prep your nails with a base coat. *Steps 2-6 are for your ring finger and thumb*

2. Use your yellow striper to create a sideways “V” on the left side of your nail.

3. Fill in the space inside the “V” with black polish using the dotting tool.

4. Next, use the green striper to draw a sideways “Y” directly under the “V.”

5. Outline the “Y” with a white striper.

6. Fill in the bottom of your nail with blue and the top with red using the dotting tool.

7. Use any of the colors from the flag to paint the remainder of your nails. I chose to polish my pinky and pointer finger blue and my middle finger red.

8. Finish up the look with a top coat. But be sure to wait several minutes before applying it to the flag nails, so the colors won’t smear.

Try out this design or post your own creation on Instagram using #ManiMonday, and we’ll repost our favorites!