The Nail Polish That Lets You Customize Your Color To Fit Your Outfit of The Day

Nail Polish of the Day is about to be a thing. 

If you’ve ever gotten a manicure done at a nail salon, then it’s likely that you’ve also wished for a customized color. The Ferris Wheel of nail polishes sometimes aren’t as bold or as bright as you’d wish, and now Rungh Cosmetics is giving you the power to get your exclusive collection of colors by making it yourself. The only thing that makes this one-hundred times cooler is that it only takes sixty seconds. You can make a new color at night to compliment your look in morning.

The Rungh Nail Polish Set features six bottles of polish base, which are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate, a battery-operated mixer, disposable mixing tips, and 18 color capsules. You drop the capsules into the clear nail polish bottles, let the mixer do its thing for thirty seconds, then paint! The directions are super intuitive and feel like the beauty generation equivalent of the growing toys that we’d put into water as kids.

It costs $39.95 on Rungh Cosmetics site and you can order refill color pigment packs that will be released with new colors every season. The only bummer of this brand is that all of the nail polish color mixes dry with a shimmery finish. Unfortunately for us, we’ll still have to head to the salon for the shiny gloss finish of gel manicure.