Mama Cax Shares Her Seven-Step Beauty Routine

The queen of glow spills her secrets. 

If you know anything about internet darlings, then you know Cax.Me whose internet alter ego is Mama Cāx. As a survivor of bone and lung cancer, at the age of 14, Cax had her right leg amputated as a result of the treatment. But her natural beauty, honesty, and frank advice are what really make her a stand-out in the beauty community. When Mama Cāx talks, we listen, especially when it comes to getting radiant skin. Her outlook on makeup is that if it takes more than fifteen minutes then it’s not a realistic everyday look.


Here is her seven step beauty routine reported from Tunisia

Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegétal

” I use this Yves Rocher Eau micellaire. I put it all over as it is supposed to hydrate your skin. As soon as I use it, I already see a little bit of glow.”

Clinique Superdense Daily Defense Moisturizer

” I apply this daily moisturizer by Clinique. I really love it because I have super dry skin and I think it gets the job done. It feels really great, light, and not too greasy.”

Natural Shea Butter

“I put Shea Butter on my lips, on my nose, and any dry spots on my face.”

Walgreens’s Sport Sunscreen SPF 50

“I just put regular sunscreen that I got from Walgreens. I put sunscreen every single day.”

“Next is the eyebrows (undisclosed brand). It doesn’t have to be on fleek. I just like it to look like I have something”.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

“Next is a little bit of concealer of Mac. I actually really love. It’s easy to apply; I place under my eyes, on my eyelids, and at my smile lines”.

” I use a bit of highlighter on my cheeks then my final step is mascara. I use put a little bit to lift the lashes, but I don’t put too much because I hate going through the process of removing makeup”.

Photo Courtsey of @mamacaxx